Welcome to ZeronTek.com, the cyber security laboratory.  It’s called a “Lab”, because we constantly experiment with daily cyber security challenges. We learn and gain experience everyday. We constantly seek to improve and keep updated. Technology is changing quickly, and threats are always coming up with new techniques. Our team at ZeronTek are always ready and passionate to deal with these challenges.  We are the only local company and specialists in industrial cyber security (ICS) in Kuwait. We can help your company secure it’s digital assets.Out team is well educated and trained in cyber security.Our services are based on listening to our customer’s needs. We don’t sell you solutions that you don’t need. There are many security products out there, its difficult to choose from. Don’t worry, we can offer you guidance .We are seeking to build a relationship built on trust, transparency and honesty. Please proceed to our services section and find out what we can do .


  • Americana Group
  • Kuwait Oil Tankers Company (KOTC)
  • Refrigeration Industries Co. (RIC)

We do online consulting and training on ICS security . We are also looking to interview ICS security professionals at our Youtube channel “ICS Arabia“.Our goal is to network and share knowledge with likeminded people. To get more information or make an appointment, Please Contact us . Thank you