Zerontek is a registered company in Kuwait . Zerontek is specialized in IT and  ICS security. We offer a range of consultation services and  training. ZeronTek company is founded and managed by Sulaiman Alhasawi.

Sulaiman Alhasawi [@alhasawi]  currently lives in Kuwait. Sulaiman has a long experience in information technology and cyber security for over 20 years. He is specialized in Cyber security and Industrial Cyber Security (ICS) security. He has a bachelor and  a Phd degree in computer science. The topic of his PhD thesis is vulnerability and risk assessment of industrial devices.

Sulaiman invented and developed a risk scoring system to rank ICS vulnerabilities “ICSRank” .ICSrank is tailored for ICS and is an attempt to develop a more accurate risk scoring system. Sulaiman has long research and practical experience in many aspects of IT and ICS cyber security. Sulaiman conducted many ICS projects on industrial organizations in Kuwait. Sulaiman has contributed to the ICS community by developing security tools and resources in Github. Please check out his LinkedIn profile .

Sulaiman Alhasawi runs his own Youtube channel “ICS Arabia”. ICS Arabia is a channel about cyber security and ICS . Sulaiman interviews ICS and IT security specialists from all over the world. Sulaiman also provides tutorials and guides on ICS security on ICS Arabia and his blog.