Metasploit Modules for ICS

If you have ever used Metasploit before , then you already know that it’s a tool used for penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and exploitation. I would like to share with you how to find ICS modules in Metaploit’s database. Those modules can aid you for ICS vulnerability assessment. The number of modules is limited and small when compared to IT modules. The reason is many of ICS software are not available for the public, thus developing a module is difficult and rare. I have researched a list of keywords that can help you get results. Typing “ICS” keyword won’t get you anything. So I assembled a list of keywords based on vendor, software names and functionality. Normally most of ICS modules are old but to my surprise I found modules dating back to 2020 and 2019. Previous and similar work like SCADAhacker is a bit outdated, so my effort is to update it . There is still a value to those old modules, as we know most of ICS are old or unpatched.

  1. 3s
  2. 7-Technologies
  3. D20
  4. DirectLOGIC
  5. FactoryLink
  6. General Electric
  7. Genesis32
  8. Hmi
  9. Measuresoft
  10. Modbus
  11. OPC Client
  12. Operator Workstation
  13. Plc
  14. ProConOS
  15. Rockwell
  16. Scada
  17. ScadaPro
  18. Siemens
  19. TwinCat
  20. Unitronics
  21. Winlog
  22. abb
  23. advantech
  24. bacnet
  25. beckhoff
  26. citect
  27. codesys
  28. delta
  29. ethernet/ip
  30. factorylink
  31. ge
  32. iconics
  33. igss
  34. indusoft
  35. koyo
  36. ladder logic
  37. modbus
  38. modicon
  39. moxa
  40. phoenixcontact
  41. procyon
  42. realwin
  43. schneider
  44. sielco sistemi
  45. start/stop
  46. yokogawa

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